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XM Satellite Radio (XM) was one of the three satellite radio (SDARS) and online radio services in the United States and Canada, operated by Sirius XM Holdings. It provided pay-for-service radio, analog to cable television. Its service included 73 different music channels, 39 news, sports, talk and entertainment channels, 21 regional traffic and weather channels and 23 play-by-play sports channels.


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Anon (Former Employee) says

"This place is dysfunctional and I would not wish this on my worse enemies working there. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and hoping for a different result.NoneThe work environment is toxic the turn-over rate is alarmingly high."

Outbound Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Horrible job. The atmosphere was bad. The management was even worse. Unreliable schedule. One of the managers stole incentives. I would not recommend."

Response Specialist (Former Employee) says

"There’s no set schedule. You have one set day off the other day would be spreader out. Your set day could be Monday your next off day might be Saturday. Management sucks. High turn off rate. It’s a revolving door !!Free juice, sodas, coffee, cappuccino and teasSchedules & management"

Safety Response Representative; Connected Vehicle (Former Employee) says

"Poor employment training with little regard for your home/life balance. Made to be stuck at your desk with penalty off getting up. Not a great idea if you have a family!"

QlikSense/ QlikView Architect Administration (Current Employee) says

"It should not be called as an organization. Feels like some project of some high school kids. No process no hierarchy. There is no official evaluation process for contractors.NoneIt should not be called as an organization."

Senior Network Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Not a good company. Very rude and racist staff. They will ask you 2 or 3 questions only and if you fail in answering one they will disqualify you for all of their current and future jobs.Extreme work will kill you"

Sr.Infrastructure Implementation Engineer (Former Employee) says

"This place is a hot mess, i was never really managed, i was given tasks to do, with little to no guidance, tell told they weren't happy with how i executed the tasks"

Retention Agent (Former Employee) says

"Waste of time energy and life,promotions are only given to caucasians .Management has a very nasty attitudes supervisors will rarely help you if needed.Forcing you to call the supervisor hotline which you will also have bad attitudes in slow delays when trying to assist a customer.Yearly raises are only 10 to 15 cents.The commission structure is designed to pay you a little of nothing.Sales reports are often incorrect or doctored up to make the company look good and to only pay you little amounts.Horrible pay and only perk you have is free soda.Company does not value there employees.No opportunity to grows all .Very stressful you start out doing one program when hired but are quickly cross trained to take every call possible that the company has without getting paid any more.Sales sales sales even if you are a response agent you must sell horrible.Free sodaBad management, No advancement, opinionated feedback on every call"

Sales and Activation (Former Employee) says

"very low pay considering I have a house and plenty of bills to deal with. the amount of pressure they put on us sales people is unreal. the managers are always on their phones texting when where not allowed too. if you have a doctors appointment about something serious they dont give a dang because they dont accept doctors notes. they will fire you over stupid reasons such as if you have severe Laryngitis and can't even mutter a word. and they keep making up new rules constantly.NonEverything"

Sr. Accounts Payable Associate/Vendor Manager (Current Employee) says

"I do not want to review Sirius unpleasant atmosphere dont have much to say big organization multiple location poor management practice"

Operations Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"All things are absolutely horrible. I would never recommend this place to anyone. The management is not involved and looks for reasons how they can get rid of you. But, thy don't look at themselves and hold their self to the same expectations."

Human Resources (Former Employee) says

"The workplace culture was bland and not friendly. Employees didn't make anyone feel included and you could feel the unhappiness. Not a good environment at all.The production side was friendlierThe HR/Recruitment department wasn't nice."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Very stressful, quick paced environment. You are expected to work 50+ hours per week or whenever asked to. Management is very poor and lacks vision. They have a few minor perks like free sodas but do not supply cups for coffee."

Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"Working here was terrible!! There was a lot of everyone poking their nose where its not supose to be. Supivisors didnt hand certain situations well. Room was not ventilated. Money was terrible. Quota didnt exist in the beginning suddenly it does. Too many shift changes. Some changes violated my contract with company."

response agent (Former Employee) says

"Place hires you to do one vehicle brand so you think its easy once your working there a month they dump 20 different car brands on you triple the work and the same pay. You get one schedule your whole lifetime that you work there so you better pick one that you life for life you get one supervisor the whole time your there so if you dont get along your screwed. Supervisors dont do anything besides grade your calls and tell you how bad your doing one supervisor name joe khan was actually known for challenging his agents to fist fights outside wtf. This place is good for old ladies and single moms who put up with anything they throw at them."

Refresh Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Hands down, the worst job I have ever had. In the beginning, it was relaxed, they made the goals clear, and when you hit your goal, you went home. Not anymore. Now it is more important to them to see that you are working 8 hours a day, regardless of how efficient you are at doing your job. The position is salaried,and the salary is okay, but they have added on more and more over the time I have been in the position, without a thought regarding pay raise. Also, their HR team is absolutely incompetent! They, along with management, try to brainwash you into the idea that you are so lucky to work for them, but really, it is all BS.Pay is okay. Probably considered above average in skme parts of the country.Everything else."

Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"They eliminated my shift and basically told me to have a nice life with zero notices. I work 9-3 and was hired for weekdays. In the short time I worked there they hanged my hours constantly. I have kids and they knew that but didn’t care. I was told I could no longer work before 12 Knowing I have to leave at 3 to pick up my son, then told me if I didn’t work a minimum of 30 hours I would be terminated. So I wouldn’t recommend anyone ever work her. SorryMy coach ray was amazingThey are sneaky"

Customer Service/Sales (Former Employee) says

"Managers were not good at their job and half the time they never did what they were assigned to do. Pay was bad, and hours weren’t any better. I only enjoyed my co workers.Free radioPayWe are so sorry to hear that this was your experience at SiriusXM. We always strive to provide the best employee experience for our employees and encourage you to reach out to us next time!"

Trainer (Former Employee) says

"The Irving office is full of bumbling pawns and that have no interest in improving the culture or work environment. Lots of narcissistic behavior as well, creating a lovely soup of negativity to drown in. It doesn't matter what department you work in, expect to find the worst in management. They are looking for the cheapest and dumbest labor they can find. It's sad to think that an entertainment company with great programming hires so many tools and posers. Their employee benefits include free soda.... Wow! Unlimited sugar water! Die faster while on the job!NothingCondescending managers, corrupt recruiters, clueless security.Thank you for the feedback. We always take these reviews very seriously and strive to improve to create the best employee experience for our staff. We encourage you to reach out to us next time!"

Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"The management talk to you like you are a child , they curse at you and not a good place to work . Ghetto isn't the word for this place. Pay suck only if you could not get a job anywhere else or need something quickNothingNo benefitsWe are so sorry to hear that this was your experience at SiriusXM. We always strive to provide the best employee experience for our employees and encourage you to reach out to us next time!"

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